AquaThermoJet large

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Watermassage for the well-being.

Back pain and states of fatigue due to a lack of physical activity and too much strain often lead to a reduces quality of life. The 32 rotating water jet nozzles of the AquaThermoJet large are integrated ergonomically in 7 zones and relax the body from the feet up to the shoulders. The massage is performed in circular movements in direction of the heart, like during the treat,ment of a physiotherapist. The soft and comfortable film of the surface and the soothing warm water jets rrelax the muscles and increase the personal feeling of well-being.

The AquaThermoJet large offers an attractive, reasonable and inexpensive alternative to a manual massage at any time, whenever you want.


The AquaThermoJet large is excellently suitable for the use in wellness areas, beauty and fitness-centers, where it can be used on a self-serving basis with a coin-operated machine. The AquaThermoJet large can also be used for physical relaxation in doctors' practices as well as in companies with health management.


  • Relief of muscle tensions.
  • Improvement of blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Tightening of the tissue.
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system.
  • Stress reduction.


The lateral cladding and the translucent surface are illuminated in all the colours of the rainbow and bathe the room in a pleasant light. The colours change automatically. A particular coulour can be selected as well. The cladding is available in white or in black.

The AquaThermoJet large is also a real optical highlight!


The AquaThermoJet large is easy to be operated and can be used without any external help or trained personnel.


The smart technology, patented, allows the user to leave the AquaThermoJet large at any time during treatment without affecting the functioning of the machine. The low hight (chair height) makes it easy to get on and off the AquaTermoJet large. Thanks to a special mechanism the film of the surface hardly sinks into the water when used. An integrated padded head rest guarantees ultimate comfort. The special film of the surface is extremely hygienic and allows a perfect and relaxed position.

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The control panel can be swiveled by 180 degrees and therefore be easiliy operated by the personnel in an upright and back-saving position.


The user can select his program without help while resting on the surface. The menu and the use of the AquaThermoJet large are easy to understand.


The AquaThermoJet large

Outer dimensions: L x W x H 2075 mm x 1000 mm x 1125 mm
Seat height 550 mm
Suitable for persons with a weight of up to 150 kg
Power connection 230 V, 50 Hz, 2,4 kW
Weight without water (with water) 230 kg (480 kg)
Control panel

- Many of the functions can be selected individually, such as:
  time, temperature, date, holidays, 5 languages, illumination.
- 12 treatment programs, 5 intensity levels, 32 water jet nozzles.

Colour of the cladding

white or black, acc. to your choice