Height-adjustable nursing tub Samarit.


With its unique functionality, the height-adjustable Samarit nursing tub presents the intelligent solution for private and ambulant nursing as well as for nursing homes. It guarantees an easy getting into and out of the tub for the bathers, who have difficulties with standard bath tubs.

The comfortable Samarit is equipped with an integrated seat and is the advantageous alternative to tubs supplied with a door. The tub is already filled with water when the bather gets in – no waiting needed. The person sits down onto the seat (with rotary plate), then, the tub is lifted. At the end of the bath, the tub is lowered and the bather can get off the seat easily.


  • Stageless electric height adjustment.
  • Tub body made of high-grade acrylic resistant against capillary fissures.
  • High performance Hansgrohe thermostatic mixer, 48l/min.
  • Mobile pneumatic manual switch for lifting and lowering.
  • Ergonomically shaped tub (105 liters).
  • Removable swivelling backrest (option).
  • Seat can be removed easily.


The heigh-adjustable Samarit nursing tub is the only one with TV experience! In the June episode of the German TV show “Einsatz in 4 Wänden - spezial”, it has been installed in the house of a woman whose leg was amputated. The Samarit has been selected due to its unique mode of operation and eases now considerably the everyday life of the happy owner. Additionally, it spoils with chromotherapy and sound wave massage.

Product Information

Brochure "Bath and Nursing Appliances".

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Experience report from the St. Cyriak nursing home in Furtwangen.

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