Height adjustable nursing tub Rügen.


The bather feels equally comfortable in the model Rügen as in the model München, since they have identical inner dimensions. The model Rügen has shorter outer dimensions. The tub is equipped with feet instead of floor anchoring.

The continuous height adjustment allows also here a back-friendly work posture for the staff. The docking marks for the hoists, the shell-shaped inlet for a silent filling and the tub shortener provide also here for optimal comforts.


  • Continuous electric height adjustment.
  • Tub body made of high-grade acrylic resistant against capillary fissures, 10 years warranty.
  • High performance Hansgrohe thermostat, 48l/min.
  • Tub drain 1 ½“, 2 ½“ optional available.
  • Mobile pneumatic manual switch for lifting and lowering.
  • Also compatible with hoists from other manufacturers.
  • Free colour choice for the tub body and cladding according the colour chart without extra charge.


  • Wellness module for seniors with sound wave massage and chromotherapy.
  • Attached disinfection device with showerhead.
  • Cladding with bamboo.
  • Low-frequency ultrasonic unit.
  • Automatic filling.
  • Also available as ward high-level tub.
  • Safety lowering device.

Product information

Brochure "Bath and nursing appliances"

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Text for invitation to tender and technical information "Rügen"

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