Fango-paraffin preparation equipment.


An enormous number of fango-paraffin preparation systems by Trautwein have proven themselves in thermal therapy facilities all over the world. Trautwein provides the right size of stirrers, warming cabinets and individual fango preparation equipment for every need. Special sizes and L- or U-shaped arrangements are also available.


Various fango components can be combined as required: warming cabinets FW 4060 and FW 5070, fully electronically controlled stirrers AR and ER as well as work surfaces, sinks, fango disposal trolley, shelves and base cabinets – from simple preparation devices to complete fango ‘kitchens’. Individually designed and quickly installed.



  • The stirrer blade can be removed from the vessel for cleaning very easily.
  • Intermittent stirrer heating avoids overheating the fango material, making it usable for a longer period of time.
  • Service-friendly technology: the complete control unit is easily detachable from the equipment.
  • A defective control system can be exchanged by the customer avoiding any extra service charge.


  • Easy and convenient operation.
  • Operating temperature range of 55-80°C.
  • Time-controlled stirring 1-99 minutes.
  • Sterilisation with specific programme.
  • Energy-saving weekend and holiday programme for up to max 10 days.
  • Preparation of fango material with appropriate care by means of intelligent technology.


  • High precision due to digital temperature control.
  • Individual switch-on and switch-off facility without programme change using automatic/manual key.
  • Additional energy-saving option by integrated weekend time switch with individual setting.
  • Energy saving of up to 4,000kWh over 10 years

TRAUTWEIN energy efficient.

Our products, which are particularly power-saving due to their construction or their intelligent control, were provided by us with this indication. The following products are concerned:

  • the microprocessor control for the fango stirring devices
  • the microprocessor control for the heating cabinets
  • our stirring device types ER with double-walled chamber of stainless steel. By means of the special heat transmission oil, the heat can be transferred from all sides regularly. This construction contributes to a significantly less energy consumption. The additional saving of energy in comparison to stirring devices with aluminium chambers adds up to 30%!


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