Bath und nursing appliances.   


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Bath und nursing appliances.


The demands on the nursing branch have highly grown. The relatives want to see their family members well looked after in the retirement and nursing homes – the competition between the homes has become stronger. Medical Wellness proves its worth all over the world. Persons in need of care get spoiled and at the same time it represents a great attraction in the institution.

Trust in Trautwein: we are experts in bath and nursing appliances since 1928. We perfect our products in constant cooperation with nursing homes, hospitals and therapists. The in-house development department provides for the best available technology and security in our products. Innovations and a lot of patents as well as a large number of clients stand for our high quality level.

Our multifunctional product range is equipped for the bathing of people in need of care – and to spoil them. Our special nursing tubs offer an extensive well-feeling experience, on demand with the wellness module for seniors. Feel the strokes on your mind and the technology for the senses.



If everything’s perfect, then you are most likely using Trautwein products. The high demands we place on ourselves are your guarantee for dependability and effectiveness. The drive technology of our nursing tubs is tenthousandfold well proven. A very decisive point for Trautwein products is the high-grade material for a long-life cycle.

Trautwein uses so high-quality fittings from Hans Grohe and produces all tub bodies with sanitary acrylic that is proven in many cases. The material is completely coloured, easy to clean and keeps its brilliant shine even after decades due its hygienic level surface. This is double fun for the nursing. Free colour choice for tub body and cladding according to the Trautwein colour chart without extra charge.


Brochure "Bath and nursing appliances"

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