The Thermo-Spa floating couch gives the expecting mother an undescribable feeling of weightlessness. Enveloped in cozy warmth, a primal feeling of security frees the body and mind. Additionally, and depending on the features, the floating couch spoils its guest with soundwaves and above-water massages. The mother-to-be floats in comfortably warm water - separated from it only by a layer of foil - haveing a deeply relaxing experience reminiscent of being in the womb.


  • Aqua-Jet massage.
  • Soundwave massage.
  • 3-piece overlay for massages.
  • Concerto wellbeing module.
  • Breathing rate vibration.


Like all Trautwein products, the Thermo-Spa meets the highest quality expectations. Many clever details guarantee a maximum of confort, even when used frequently. Due to its user-friendly technology, the Thermo-Spa is well-equipped for any challenge.


  • Tear-resistant, conformable special film.
  • Odorless, resistant to oil and disinfectant.
  • Height adjustment proven over decades.
  • The guest can stop the treatment whenever he likes.