Bañera de tratamiento elevable Santa-Bad


The Santa-Bad is a nursing lift tub for multifunctional use with an integrated, but detachable seat. For bathing guests who have difficulties with a conventional tub, the Santa-Bad is a good alternative, since it is easy to go in / out.

The big advantage is that mobile users can bath independently and that the nursing staff is thus disburdened.

Without seat the Santa-Bad is a normal nursing lift tub that can be used with a mobile seat hoist. It is an intelligent alternative to tubs with lateral door to be opened upwards.

The Santa-Bad is the multifunctional solution with comfort and design for home and ambulant care as well as for care in nursing homes.


When the user gets into the Santa-Bad, the tub is already filled with water.
The bather sits down on the integrated seat and turns in longitudinal direction of the tub.

Then, the tub is lifted up to the nursing height by air control and the seat gently immerges into the water.

After the bath, the tub is driven down and the bather is lifted out of the water.

The nursing staff can work in a back-friendly posture when they look after bathers who need support.

You can see the functioning principle HERE



  • Nursing lift tub, with continuous electrical height adjustment.
  • Movable, air-controlled hand touch for lifting / lowering the tub.
  • Tub body of high-quality acrylic, 10 years warranty against capillary cracks.
  • High-performing Hansgrohe thermostat, 48 l / min.
  • Ergonomically formed tub body.
  • Detachable seat for use with seat hoist.


The demands on the nursing branch have highly grown. The Santa-Bad can be used in various ways. If equipped with the well-feeling module, it becomes a Wellness oasis. You will notice that if the residents are content, the nursing staff will be content, too.

In the Santa-Bad, healthy people can bath equally as handicapped people. The seat can be taken out by a grip. Since the Santa-Bad can be underridden by a transfer hoist, it can be used as a normal nursing lift tub with seat or towel transfer hoists.

The nursing staff can work in a back-friendly posture when they look after bathers who need support.


  • Well-feeling module with soundwave massage and colour light.
  • Recording of music via bluetooth.
  • Cladding in different colours.
  • Design cladding, but the tub cannot be underridden.
  • Automatic filling device.


The bather dives into a world of sound. The tub does not need any loudspeakers; the tub itself is the loudspeaker. The bather can listen to the music and can feel it with every fibre of his body. This way, a very effective micro massage is given to each cell of the body. Moreover, it has a positive impact on the psyche. The whole sensory and motor system is noticeably activated and revitalised.


The flicker-free, full spectrum underwater illumination provided by the integrated high-performance lights tints the bath water with atmospheric rainbow colours. Coloured light has a regenerating and revitalising effect on the mind and emotions. The lighting can be adjusted to show either the full colour spectrum or a single colour only – the choice is yours. The importance of light becomes clear when you think about the phenomenon of winter depression and springtime feelings.


The well-feeling module with soundwave massage and colour light in all rainbow colours.