Partuflex Birth Tub


Partuflex, the birthing tub, was developed in collaboration with experienced midwives from a birth center and a gynecologist. The design took into account the needs of both, the expectant mother and the midwife.

There is a lot of freedom of movement for the birthing mother and the insertable seat additionally offers her the possibility to find a position that is comfortable for her.
The sitting and lying options are designed in such a way, that possible complications, for example due to vena cava syndrome, can be avoided.
During the entire time, the expectant mother can maintain very good contact with the partner and/or the midwife. The partner can also accompany the birthing mother directly in the tub, at any time.


  • High standard of hygiene
  • Easy and safe entry
  • Ergonomical seat
  • Integrated relaxation seat and footrests
  • Removable curved inlet
  • Removable handles

An excerpt of the numerous options:

  • Heating for keeping the water warm
  • UV-Disinfection
  • Large,  adjustable grab rail
  • Music soundwave system and underwater lighting
  • Emergency call

Product information

Brochure "Partuflex Birth-Tub"

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