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The Trautwein GmbH, founded in the year 1928, is a worldwide acting family enterprise. We are specialized in the production of tub systems and further products for the professional application in the field of Bath and Nursing, Physical Therapy as well as in Wellness. Our experience in these fields are reflected in products with an appealing and well thought out design and an excellent technology. The drive technology of our height adjustable nursing tubs has been proven over ten thousand times.       


revolutionize the industry. As a first manufacturer, we applied light in a nursing tub and made the tubs sound with music vibrations. Our products do not have a loudspeaker, but we make the tub itself a vibrating and sounding loudspeaker. The light spots are built compactly smooth and hygienic seamlessly in the tub body. The tubs are deep-drawn in our tub manufacture and are made of acrylic plastic. The material is coloured, low-maintenance and keeps even after decades its brilliance and smooth surface. Quality and Reliability – Made in Germany.


If everything’s perfect, then you are most likely using Trautwein products. The high demands we place on ourselves are your guarantee for dependability and effectiveness. A very decisive point for Trautwein products is the high-grade material for a long-life cycle.

Trautwein uses so high-quality fittings from Hans Grohe and produces all tub bodies with sanitary acrylic that is proven in many cases. The material is completely coloured, easy to clean and keeps its brilliant shine even after decades due its hygienic level surface. This is double fun for the nursing. Free colour choice for tub body and cladding according to the Trautwein colour chart without extra charge.