Vichy shower type 103


Special therapy shower model Vichy type 103

Feedhose from circulation tub to the shower-jib.

During the treatment the shower-jib swivels back and forth automatically. This enhances the effect of the shower. 5 showerheads can be individually regulated.

Transparent spray protector. This enables a therapist to give an
accompanying treatment.

Timer for treatment time.

Thermostatic mixer with scald protection for filling.

Powerful circulation pump (250 l/min) with dry-run protection.

Built-in start-stop-switch for patient’s safety.

Shower tub made of acrylic glass with couch, drain channels and built-in circulation tub with drain and suction pipe. Water consumption per treatment approx. 50 l. Heater for maintaining the temperature of the circulated water.

Hygienic, removable upholstery with an inflating cushion.

Product information

Text for invitation to tender and technical details "Vichy Type 103"

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