Caress for the senses

Wellness for seniors brings a new quality for life and has a well doing effect on the senses. The bather’s complete sensory perception is noticeably activated. For a more intensive experience of relaxation, all Trautwein tubs can be equipped with the Wellness module including sound wave massage and chromotherapy. It performs a very effective micromassage in all cells and influences the mind favourably.


The integrated flicker-free LED spots colour the bathwater with alternating rainbow colours. Light is a very important medium for our frame of mind: die absorbed rays of light steer the biological processes in our brain. The production of hormones and the metabolism are directly coupled with the presence of light.




The bather dives into a world of sound. The tub doesn’t need any loudspeakers; the tub itself is the loudspeaker. The sound quality is excellent when connected with an on-site provided hi-fi system. The vibrations of the music are transmitted to the bather via the water. The bather can feel the music with every fibre of his body.



The bath in our nursing tubs turns to a real festival for the senses when using aromatic additives. Due to the oil dispersion shower head, the high-grade oil - in form of millions of fine drops - can so be bound with the water and absorbed by the skin. For a silky skin. There is no need to apply crèmes on the skin after the bath which eases also the workload of the nursing staff.


Barbara Schnellen, Management Senoir Home


Retirement Home St. Katharina, Endingen


The nursing team in the bath

New ways in the care - Senior well-being

The old people’s home St. Katharina is located in the heart of the delightful city Endingen/Kaiserstuhl. Since 2006 the home offers something very particular to its 129 residents: The Senior well-being. For all three living areas support group and responsible body have invested in nursing lift tubs with sound wave massage and chromo-therapy module from Trautwein. The first impression of the nursing stuff is throughout positive: „The residents feel a bathing as very pleasant and are enthusiastic”, describes care-service-manager Bruno Kümmerle the experiences. Even dementia patient are relaxed and calmed down after the bathing confirm also his colleagues Gabriele Grün und Clarissa Lemperle.

Also manageress Barbara Schnellen is very satisfied: „The bath itself plays a more important role nowadays”. It is more than only body hygiene. The positive tendency immediately after the bath is clearly noticeable. Bed-ridden residents are relaxed and sleep well. Spastics getting slacker. „You can realize the relaxation of the residents who can no longer express themselves.”

The positive effect of light on the tendency of humans is thereby supported by the micro massage, because the music does not come from loudspeakers, but the tub itself is the loudspeaker. The bather does not only hear the music, he feels it in each fiber of his body. This makes a massage of each cell possible and thus the entire sensibility of the bather is activated. Statements such as: „My backside’s tickling“ shows that the bathers perceive their body again more intensively.

The new form of bathing is honoured very well by the employees .The idea has proven successful. The bath atmosphere changed completely, the well-being feeling factor is clearly higher. There was nothing changed with the room, only the neon light is now switched off when bathing, so that the colour light of the tub can evolve itself in full range. The bath is used only with sound wave massage, music and colour light and affects additionally positively the sensitivities of the employees. Well-being feeling is also spread here. The motivation improved, work goes more easily. What was felt as stressful before is now rather tolerated.

Many so-called soft factors could not be measured yet. Due to the fact that the residents are more content the work is easier, some of it is faster done. There was also an oil dispersion equipment purchased for bathing, which is now in use. By a special whirling technology nurturing oil is added to the water in fine droplets. The care effect of the oil is strengthened; the skin turns soft and tender. Depending upon need e.g. with dry, flaky skin Hypericum perforatum oil is added or baths for colds given. Many residents realize the fine smell of the oil as additional aroma therapy. Particularly positive with the oil dispersion bath is the effect that the danger of skidding is clearly smaller, since the oil absorption in the water.

Cleaning, therapy and care take place at once when bathing. Additional tasks, like applying lotion and oil after the bath are no longer necessary. Manageress Mrs. Schnellen is proud of the fact that her house offers something completely special to the residents. Thus her house is contrast with the various offers of old people’s home. Residents and their relatives appreciate this.