Pool hoist Pooli.

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The pool hoist Pooli has been designed especially for the use at the edge of a pool. Due to this hoist system it is possible for people to access the water which normally can not get in the pool via stairs or ladder. The Pooli helps here conveniently and securely.


  • The hoist can be equipped with either a seat or a couch and with or without trolley.
  • Individual adaptation to different types of swimming pool, with or without balustrade.
  • Mounted with 4 compound anchors on the floor or balustrade. The removable Pooli can alternateviley be mounted with a ground socket.
  • Robust due to stainless steel coated with plastic.
  • We would be pleased to prepare an individual offer for you.


  • For persons weighing up to 150 kg.
  • Jerk-free height adjustment by electric drive.
  • Integrated electronically steered battery charger.
  • Mobile pneumatic manual switch with a 2 m long steering cable allowing to the therapist to be always close to the patient – even in the water.

A trolley is available for the seat as well as for the couch that allows to take the bather from the cubicle to the swimming pool. There the seat / the couch is taken off the trolley and coupled on the hoist.



Broschure "Physical Therapy"

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Text for invitation to tender annd technical details " Pooli II"

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Text for invitation to tender annd technical details " Pooli III"

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