Pooli Pool hoist.

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The Pooli pool hoist has been designed especially for the use at the edge of a pool. With this hoist system, people can access the water, who normally cannot get into the pool via stairs or a ladder. The Pooli helps conveniently and securely.


  • The hoist can be equipped with either a seat or a stretcher and with or without trolley.
  • Individual adaptation to different types of swimming pools, with or without balustrade.
  • Mounted with 4 compound anchors to the floor or balustrade. The removable Pooli can alternatively be mounted with a ground socket.
  • Robust due to stainless steel coated with plastic.
  • We would be pleased to prepare an individual offer for you.


  • For persons weighing up to 150 kg.
  • Stageless height-adjustment by electric drive.
  • Integrated electronically steered battery charger.
  • Mobile pneumatic manual switch with a 2 m long steering cable allowing the therapist to always be close to the patient – even in the water.

A trolley is available for the seat as well as for the stretcher. It allows to transport the bather from the changing room to the swimming pool. The seat/stretcher can than be coupled onto the hoist and the trolley removed.


Product information

Broschure "Bath and nursing appliances".

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Text for invitation to tender annd technical details " Pooli II".

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Text for invitation to tender annd technical details " Pooli III".

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