Hydroxeur® Rendezvous.

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Enjoy it as a couple.

Our Hydroxeur® twin tubs are unique worldwide. In the Rendezvous bath tub, two persons can lie down facing each other. This bath offers even four types of Wellness: colour light therapy, water and air massage, sound wave massage und aroma therapy.

Perfection up to the detail.

At the push of a button, the Rendezvous can be filled up to the exact filling level - always at the desired temperature due to the assembled thermostats. With the two control devices, the functions can easily be operated from both seats. If particularly short filling times are required, an additional thermostat can provide a quicker filling of the tub.

With the Hydroxeur® principle, the air is injected directly into the water-bearing canals. This way, all air and water nozzles are fed in one canal system. Detergents and disinfectants can also reach even inaccessible areas. On demand, the optional disinfection programme runs automatically.


The Rendezvous fits perfectly in Wellness centres, Spa suites or in private relaxation oases as it offers a quite extraordinary bathing experience.
Due to the high level of comfort, it is also optimally suited for hotel suites and offers fragrant aroma therapy, thalasso applications, massages and relaxation baths.


The Rendezvous provides massages for two bathing guests with 120 water and air nozzles. Most finely whirling air and water swirls of the surge bath bring about relaxation, recovery and new power. The air is admixed incomparably intense by the Hydroxeur® principle and stays stored in the water for minutes (Champagne effect).


Dive into the world of sound. Be it rock, pop, classic or special relaxation music, the sound is crystal clear. The bath tub serves as the sound body and transmits the waves to the bathing guest. The music is perceived with unimagined intensity  - by way of ear and body.


The flicker-free and spectral-pure sub water illumination of the integrated high-performance colour spots, is colouring the bath water in atmospheric rainbow colours. The colour light has a regenerating and vitalizing effect and can be adjusted to show the preferred colour permanently.


The Rendezvous is delivered with a special tiling frame, which can be adapted and cladded on-site, e.g., with tiling or wood. Therefore, the couple bath tub can be designed individually and be perfectly integrated into the home bath or the Wellness area of a hotel or of a recovery institution.

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