Floating Couch Thermo-Spa.


Effects of the floating couch.

  • Warm-up and relaxation of the muscles.
  • Enhanced blood flow (reduced feeling of cold).
  • Relief of joints, hips, spine and the whole skeleton. Pain can be reduced.
  • Very positive effects on, e.g., dementia, depression, sleep disturbance, uneasiness and physical tension. Spasticity can be loosened as well as better flexibility and relaxation could be shown.

New ways in care.

Dry floating on the Thermo-Spa leads to a deep state of relaxation, without getting wet. The treatment is simple and comfortable, as undressing, drying and dressing can be omitted. This relaxation proposition can be offered several times per week. Ideal for nursing homes in which predominantly showering is applied.

Highest lightness.

Floating – the body becomes very light. Weightlessness spreads slowly throughout the body. Surrounded by relaxing warmth, a primordial feeling of secureness frees the body and mind. Soft sounds reach the ears, and harmonious vibrations are perceived with all senses. Physical afflictions and everyday worries seem to melt away. Even before we are born, we experience this special feeling in the warmth of the mother's womb.

The Thermo-Spa is used for mental and physical relaxation in nursing homes. Also, for the prevention of dementia and decubitus diseases, as well as to release muscle tension. In houses with health management, the floating couch is additionally used by the staff for prevention of back problems and stress. The handling is very easy: the resident lays down on a cushioned deck, which is located on seating height. Now, the appliance is gently moved upward, while the couch sinks into the water. Thus the body, separated only by the film, begins to float in the pleasant warm water. The cozy warmth and lightness of the body, provide security and enable a complete state of relaxation. Extensive studies, by geriatrics,  to show the effectiveness, are available. Spasticity can be released. The floating coach can be underridden with a lifter.

The Thermo-Spa lets the patient feel comfortable and weightless as he is floating, only separated by a film, on pleasant warm water. The floating couch offers, depending on the equipment, sound wave massage, breathing frequency oscillations and AquaJet massage.


The well-being module Concerto completes the wellness experience: music pampers the ears while sound waves massage the body. All the water contained in the bed is gently vibrated; so that the sound waves can be heard and felt. Additional speakers are not necessary as the appliance itself is a loudspeaker. A heavenly feeling.


The breathing rate vibration transports guests into a complete state of relaxation. Their breathing intuitively adapts to the preset rhythm of the well-being module. In harmony with the body, the soothing impulses ensure a deeply relaxing experience.


The Thermo-Spa massages from thighs to neck, like an experienced therapist. Temperature-regulated water jets are hitting against the underside of the bed surface, releasing muscle tension. This way, the guest experiences the healing power of water without getting wet.


We have the perfect cladding design to match the ambience of any room. For the colour and material selection, all the illustrated options plus numerous others are available. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will find a way to realize it.


Standard cladding, white.


Design cladding, white.


Design cladding, two colours.


Design cladding with bamboo and exterior lighting.

Product information

Broschure "Bath and nursing appliances".

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Tested by experts - and considered to be good.

A study with 54 patients has been done in the psychiatric centre of Emmendingen. Here are the results from Mr. Dr. med. D. Wietelmann:

"We have treated 54 patients of a neuropsychiatric ward with the Thermo-Spa-Concerto. Mainly aged persons with syndromes like gerontopsychiatric disorders and combined neurological disturbances.. Every case has clearly shown positive changes. These include, e.g., pain reduction, improvement of mobility and a better posture, but also psychic improvements as relaxation, reduction of depressive moods and fits of rage."

"All in all, we can resume, that, due to the Thermo-Spa-Concerto, positive effects, on the psychic as well as the physical level, can be aroused in selected patients."

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