Oil dispersion bath.


The oil dispersion bath from Trautwein provides an especially nurturing bath pleasure. By means of a special swirling technique high quality oils get atomized and added to the bath water. This process provokes a thousandfold expansion of the oil surface so that it can be absorbed intensively by the skin.

The skin can be peeled additionally or get a massage with a massage glove and a soft brush, so that the blood flow and the metabolism are in addition stimulated. The skin gets spoiled and nurtured. The result is a velvet and silk like soft skin.

With its relaxing and vitalizing effect, this bath becomes an ideal compensation to the everyday stress and has a soothing and tonic effect on the whole organism.

With essential oils, possessing a variety of effects, and the skin care properties of the carrier oils (precious olive oil with e.g. St John’ wort, jojoba or marigold oil) it is possible to respond specifically to the bather’s needs.