Medical tubs.


Oxygen, carbon dioxide or air bubble baths can be applied in the medical tubs by Trautwein. They can also be used for baths with all sorts of additives or, e.g., mud and salt water baths. The tub structure is made of high quality acrylic material making it easy to clean, kind to the skin and practical. The Wörishofen, München and Sylt models can be equipped with an adjustable tub shortener and support handles for maximum safety.

Universal application.

Medical tubs are available in various sizes and designs, e.g., with or without cladding or fittings. They can also be used as height-adjustable tubs in hospitals and can be perfectly integrated into the existing facilities by tiling their frames.


  • Compressed air withdrawal set, type L.
  • Oxygen withdrawal set, type O2.
  • CO2 withdrawal set, type CO2.
  • Emergency call facility.
  • 2 1/2" outlet pipe connection.
  • Support handles for safe entry and exit.
  • Fittings for mineral water and seawater.


  • Tub access steps; adjustable tub size reducer.
  • Air and oxygen bubble mat.


  • 1 1/4" tub inlet pipe connection, 1 1/2" tub outlet pipe connection.
  • Hand shower for cleaning the tub.
  • Colours included in the specified Trautwein colour range at no extra cost.


Various media supplying equipment is available for Trautwein tubs. This allows the tubs to be used for different forms of treatment.

  • CO2 impregnation device, type 25 for 2 tubs.
  • CO2 impregnation device, type 50 for up to 5 tubs.
  • CO2 and O2 reduction unit.

Oil dispersion nozzle.


The addition of aromatic bath oils can turn a bath into a true feast for the senses. The oil dispersion nozzle allows millions of droplets of high quality oil to be bound by the bathing water - from where they can absorbed by the skin. For a silky-soft, velvety skin.

Product information

Brochure "Physical Therapy".

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