Vis vis & SoleMio.


Feeling the sound in the body.

Immerse yourself into the world of sound. Accompanied by atmospheric light, you will inhale wonderful aromas. The Vis à vis offers the unique combination of various vitalisation energies.

Sound waves and colour light generate a most effective micro massage of all cells, organs and body parts. The mind is also influenced in a positive way. The entire sensory and motor system of  the bathing person is activated considerably.

In the Vis à vis, one or two persons can enjoy the bath, whereas the SoleMio is only for single persons.


Whether it is rock, pop, classical or special relax music, the sound is crystal clear.

The tub serves as the sound body and transmits the sound waves to the bathing person. In this way, the music can be perceived with unimagined intensity – via the ear and in each fibre of the body. You can really feel Beethoven!


The water surface is shining in atmospheric rainbow colours – due to the flicker-free and pure spectral light of the underwater illumination, which is created by the integrated high power colour beamers. This colour light has a regenerating and revitalizing effect. You can also adjust the light function to have your favourite colour fixed. The importance of light becomes clear thinking about the phenomenon of winter depression and springtime feelings


If you apply the right aroma additives, bathing can turn into a real feast for the senses. The oil dispersion shower can bind high-quality oil in the form of ultra fine little drops in the bathing water, so that it can be perfectly absorbed by the skin. For a soft skin like silk and velvet.

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Brochure "Wellness systems"

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